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Its Legal: Herbal Smoking Blends, or what we call smokable herbs and legal herbal highs, are very popular and they are legal. Because they are legal herb smoke, more and more people are turning to herb smoking blends such as Wild Dagga, Blue Lily, Fusion, Cloud Nine and so on instead of illegal substances. The benefit is that smokable herbs and legal herb smoking blends have pretty much the same effects and are close to the real thing. If your not a Herbal Smoker you soon will be with 100% Legal Herbs!

  • Herb smoking has been used by ancient cultures for ages as ritualistic purposes and anyone can enjoy its psychoactive effects. These herbs have an effect giving you a calm and enjoyable feeling

Herb To Smoke

Wild Dagga Smoking Herb

Looking for a little herb to smoke? Need something to take the edge off after a long hard day? You've found just the place.

Smoking herbs is the newest hottest craze to sweep the nation since the Beatles in the '60s, hair metal bands in the '80s, and the internet in the 2000's. What is it, you might be wondering? Thought you'd never ask.

You may have heard about some of the amazing psychedelic experiences folks in the '60's and '70's had with a little substance called cannabis. Then, of course, the fun ended in 1961 when the Republicans couldn't figure out how to tax it, so they added Mary Jane to the controlled substance list. It's been an uphill battle ever since trying to find herbs to smoke to get high that were worth the trouble, but ever since cannabinoids were discovered by Professor John W Huffman in the late 2000's, there's finally an herb to smoke that comes close to marijuana.

The herbal smoke story really begins way back in 1984, when Professor Huffman undertook a body of research at Clemson University that included looking for synthetic cannabis imitations to help with AIDS and multiple sclerosis. Over the course of the next 25 years, they would find and classify more than 450 such chemicals, and publish their findings in scientific journals. This, of course, is how the folks looking for new herbs to smoke to get high ended up discovering the interesting qualities of many of the new chemical derivatives. And so, in 2002 or so, lots of herb smoking products with names like K2 and Spice began showing up on the market.

This new herb smoke isn't intended in any way to be a substitute for illegal or controlled substances such as marijuana. It's meant to be another marijuana smoking alternative (you know, like Nike is an alternative to Reebok) next to tobacco or opium or even crack if you want to go that far. Few people would say that using herb to smoke is anything like smoking crack; for one thing, it's got none of the self-destructive, addictive qualities that that drug does (in fact, there is no evidence whatsoever that smoking herb is addictive at all). No most of us in the smoking aficionado community are of the impression that the new legal smoking herbs are a bit of a cross between tobacco and marijuana with none of the unpleasant side effects.

Unpleasant side effects, you say? That's right—the most unpleasant of which can occur when you fail a drug test for that little joint you smoked last week. Drug tests are the bane of modern society, and the tool of the oppressors to keep the oppressed. But what can you do. If you want to get a job (or keep one), get health insurance, or even check into a bloody hotel these days they want a drug test. Little surprise then that once somebody found some herb to smoke that doesn't trip the testers it would be a big hit. And these new herbal smoke products are 100% legal and 100% guaranteed to satisfy even the most critical of smoking high fans.

It's not like this is the first time someone's found an herb to smoke. Why, herb smoking has roots in Chinese, African, and Indian society going back at least 3 or 4 thousand years. They all put different things in their herb smoke pipe and burned it, everything from fish offal (a fancy name for poo) to the expensive Indian butter called ghee. Not long after that was when various elements within those civilizations discovered the "medicinal" qualities of a little plant now known as cannabis, and then next thing all kinds of cults were being formed and priests being named. In ancient Chinese medicine, Taoist texts talk about using that herb to smoke in order to "call down the Perfected Immortals," and how when you smoke too much it would make you "hallucinate and walk with a staggering gait" (paraphrased from the Wikipedia page on cannabis).

No, legal herb smoking is far from a new trend. Even the Europeans were dabbling in herb to smoke as long ago as 500 B.C.–and that's based on linguistic evidence that shows the German word for "hemp" entered the language around that time. And today there are plenty of examples of marijuana use toleration, if not outright legalization. For example, modern India features several festivals each year at which sacred priests known as sadhus wander the streets offering sacrifices to the Hindi goddess Shiva—by smoking one of the three forms of cannabis found in India. And California started the medical marijuana dispensary movement that has now taken root in sixteen U.S. states where anyone with a prescription can get marijuana legally.

But enough about the legalization of marijuana. With the new herbal smoke blend, it's not even necessary. Many people report very similar effects to marijuana after smoking herbs, such as:

  • Floating `away on a cloud
  • Vivid and enhanced colors, sounds, and senses
  • Incredible sense of well being
  • Euphoria
  • Pleasant numbness
  • Increase in creativity and meditation

Other people are finding the new legal herb to smoke products to be the best way to kick the nicotine habit. The negative health effects studies just keep stacking up, and no one wants to be the pariah who insists on his cigarette in spite of the dirty looks. But it can be so hard to kick that old man Mr. Baccy—the solution for some people seems to be simply switch to herb smoking. Much less is required to achieve the same or greater effects, and there are no known side effects to herbal smoking.

So, don't wait any longer. Check it out for yourself, visit --> buy herbal smoke It is as easy as 1-2-3. Just get on the internet—this website would probably be an excellent place to start—and order some online. It should be in your mailbox in a few days, and BAM! you're all set to see for yourself.


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