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Legal Herbal Smoking - Get High Legally

Herbal Legal Smoke

Legal Herbal Smoke is a whole new way to get buzzed the legal way, its called a Legal Herbal Highs. A Herbal High with Legal Herbal Smoke Blends or Herbal Legal Buds that get you high is becoming the new smoking method of choice for many, because they work very well and are the Best Legal Herbal Smoke when using Legal Herbs To Get High.

The legal herbal blends that gives you a herbal legal high are often taken from numerous ancient herbal practices that induce different states of mind that ancient cultures sought for meditation and enlightenment. Mental relaxation with Herbal Smokes have been reported as a high that really just takes the edge-off, offers a strong relaxation effect, and effective at providing experiences of enlightening.
These legal herbal buds for example blue lily or wild dagga have been used by many cultures throughout history for their flavor, aroma and effectiveness. There are many other legal types of smoking herbal that get you high, and a good mixture of different herbs combined is often what does it to give you the best Legal Herbal High. The legal herbal smoking biz is becoming increasingly popular since the consequence of getting caught with smoking a jay or weed in your system is more than it’s really worth.

The number one herbal legal high in America these days is not herbal medicines, it's the new legal herbal buds that are sold online and in places like smoke shops and adult novelty stores. Made using traditional legal herbal materials, these products are sweeping the nation in popularity both because of the potent highs they produce and because of the fact that smokers can be assured that all of them are 100% drug test legal herbals.

No Failed Drug Tests - Are you fond of smoking a joint now and then, but can't because of the possibility of a failed drug test? Are you in the habit of taking a "midnight toke" even though you know that if you did fail a drug test the consequences would be nothing short of disastrous?

Don't worry. It's for exactly that reason that some enterprising fans of Mary Jane not unlike yourself developed this new generation of legal herbal highs. Are they a substitute for marijuana? No, sir. They will in all likelihood not have anything in common with marijuana in terms of effects produced. But they are a legitimate legal smoking alternative, just like tobacco only very different from tobacco in its effects as well.

What will it do to me, you might be wondering? That's part of the excitement, the allure, the mystery of these new herbal legal smoke products: each brand, each vendor has a different effect on people. Because the product formulas vary from vendor to vendor, and because different people's bodies react differently to the same herbs and psychoactive legal herbal products, it's difficult to say exactly what it will do to you. What we can say is that we guarantee you will be satisfied, or your money back.

Legal herbal buds are guaranteed not to make you fail a drug test, because there are no drug tests out there that test for them. Even if they were illegal herbals instead of legal herbals, there would be no way for the authorities to test for them, because the tests right now are not configured to show a positive or negative for the kinds of psychoactive chemicals found in the new herbal legal highs.

Around 1984, Professor John Huffman decided to begin experimenting with synthetic cannabis, to see if there might be applications for it in AIDS patients. He and his team managed to synthesize and name more than 450 compounds before publishing their research. After the knowledge of how to make these compounds became public in the early 2000's, a new product called "Spice" and "K2" began to show up in stores and on the internet, advertised as legal herbal highs. Smoking aficionados, eager to find some legals to get high instead of the midnight toker stereotypes, embraced these new herbal legal alternatives and they rose quickly in popularity. Today the selection and number of legal smoking vendors is dizzying, and the industry continues to grow with robust energy for 2012.

But that's not really the whole story behind legal smokes. To get a proper perspective, you've gotta go back to the ancient Indian text, the Atharvaveda, which mentioned cannabis as a sacred plant more than 1,400 years B.C. That's right, the Indians have been using cannabis as an herbal legal high for more than 3,000 years, in tea, soaked in alcohol, and smoked. That's what you call dedication. The three types of cannabis—bhang, hashish, and ganja, are part of the worship of the Hindu goddess Shiva and an integral part of religious festivals in India.

Ancient Chinese culture has also had its roots in cannabis and other herbal legal smoking alternatives. Considered a way to get in touch with the "Perfect Immortals" until at least the 8th or 9th century A.D., countless traditional medicine texts allude to use of the herb as part of treatments. Even the seeds were found to be useful by squeezing hemp oil out of them, which could then be used for lamps and lubrications. Although the Chinese began to be fonder of opium rather than cannabis by the 19th century, there's no doubt that a rich smoking history exists in the Orient.

And even in Europe, where harsh penalties exist today for cannabis use or possession, the Scythians (ancient ancestors of the Middle Eastern peoples) introduced cannabis around 500 A.D. We know this from pollen analysis which shows that cannabis was cultivated in Norway, Sweden, and even England no later than that date. Further linguistic evidence suggests that herbal legal smoking was introduced to Europe much earlier than that.

Although it can seem as though there were no place left on earth where an herbal high is legal, the fact is that there is plenty of wiggle room made by tolerance. Countries such as the Netherlands, where marijuana is technically illegal, allow the purchase and consumption of small amounts of marijuana in "coffee shops" in order to tax it and regulate it rather than try and eliminate it. In the Punjab region of India, it is a little known secret that the Sikhs are some of the biggest consumers of cannabis, although it's unclear how this is reconciled with traditional muslim teachings.

And in North America? Sixteen states have passed "medical marijuana" laws that make it legal to prescribe and use marijuana medically, although the federal government still considers it a controlled substance even in these places. But the choice of legals to get high—alcohol, tobacco, tranquilizers if you can get a prescription—was still fairly limited until the herbal legal alternative came along. Now smoking enthusiasts can choose from among hundreds of legal smoke vendors with thousands of imported and domestic herb and plant ingredients in their products.

So there is a happy ending after all. With the appearance of legal bud on the scene, anyone who really needs a smoke but can't do it out of fear of criminal or punitive consequences is free to light up.

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